Plumen 1201011503 Original 001 Bulb (15W),

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Plumen 1201011503 Original 001 Bulb (15W), Description

The original Plumen 001 is the world’s first designer low energy light bulb. The dynamic, sculptured form contrasts to the dull regular shapes of existing low energy bulbs, in an attempt to make the Plumen a centerpiece, not afterthought. The Plumen 001 Works like any other high quality low energy bulb – saving you 80 percent on your energy bills and lasting 8 times longer than a standard incandescent bulb. This is a new version of the Plumen 001 that uses a new gas Mix to produce a better quality of light and increased lifetime. The new gas Mix, as well as improving the internal electronics of the bulbs, means that the original 001 is now much more resilient when used in tricky environments, such as areas with inconsistent voltage or machinery that causes high demand on the same circuit. These upgrades have the added benefit of a longer lifetime and an increased quality of light.

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