KRUD KUTTER KR324 Tough Task Remover, 32-Ounce

KRUD KUTTER KR324 Tough Task Remover, 32-Ounce Description

Size Name:32 oz Product description Tough Task Remover, 32 oz. Trigger Bottle 4/Case The ultimate, biodegradable all-purpose remover. Removes dried latex paint drips, spills and overspray. Also removes chewing gum, labels, permanent marker, candlewax, crayons, pet stains and more. Color-fast and fabric safe., Lot of 4 From the Manufacturer Remove even the most stubborn stains with Krud Kutter’s New Tough Task Remover. Removes tough, oily, greasy, grime, and gooey problems like chewing gum, bumper stickers, labels, masking tape, most glues, marker and pen ink, printer’s ink, crayon, lipstick, shoe polish, tar, asphalt, oil, grease, soap scum, mildew, scuff marks, candle wax, cosmetics, perspiration, food and drink stains, blood stains, pet stains, and more. Its a Painter’s best friend to remove dried latex paint, oil based paint splatters, caulk, and wallpaper adhesive. Laundry stain remover that is safe for all washable, colorfast fabrics including cotton, cotton blends, and synthetics. Works in all water temperatures. Works on carpet, fabric, clothing, hard surfaces, concrete, brink, metal, chrome, vinyl, aluminum, glass, laminated counter tops, vinyl floors and baseboards, unpainted tile, fiberglass, plastic, grout and automotive finishes. Do not use on leather, wood or varnished surfaces.

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