Ecoegg 1008-Load Laundry Kit – Fresh Linen (1)

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Ecoegg 1008-Load Laundry Kit – Fresh Linen (1) Description

Does saving money doing laundry sound good? It’s as easy as tossing the Ecoegg into your wash. The Ecoegg works in all machines, uses no harsh chemicals, and is suitable for those with sensitive skin. Plus, there’s no detergent to worry about spilling all over. This bundle cleans up to 1008 loads — enough to do five years worth of laundry for the average family! That’s savings you can take to the bank. WHAT YOU GET Laundry egg – blue Laundry egg – white 2 Laundry egg holders 6 Ecoegg mineral pellets for colored laundry – Fresh Linen 12 Ecoegg mineral pellets with whitener – Fresh Linen 2 Suction cups 2 Packets of tourmaline pellets Instructions FEATURES Ecoegg laundry egg Alternative to ordinary detergent Contains no harsh chemicals, yet provides effective cleaning results Formulated with some biodegradable ingredients Formulated to minimize residue on clothing Suitable for all washing machines Dermatologically tested Suitable for people with sensitive skin Cleans 1008 loads of laundry Approx. 5 years worth of laundry for the average family based on 3 to 4 loads a week Simple to use Just fill the egg with pellets and toss it into the drum of your washing machine No detergent required Egg cup holders For storing Ecoeggs when not in use How to Use When filling the Ecoegg, add the recommended amount of mineral pellets and one full packet of tourmaline pellets Mineral pellets need to be refilled approx. every 72 washes. Tourmaline pellets will last for the life of the Ecoegg and do not need to be replaced or refilled Pellets made in United Kingdom

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