ECO Battery Bin- Test & Recycle Batteries AAA, AA, C, and D

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ECO Battery Bin- Test & Recycle Batteries AAA, AA, C, and D Description

Quickly check the power level remaining in most consumer batteries! The ECO Battery Bin is an environmentally friendly way to test and dispose of consumer batteries. It is a battery recycling device that features an integrated diagnostic test to allow you to determine remaining life in AAA, AA, C, and D batteries, providing individuals and organizations with the means to actively contribute to a safer environment, while saving them money at the same time.The ECO Battery Bin includes the following key features:Tests AA, AAA, C & D cell batteries.Integrated diagnostic chip runs on a single AAA battery and gives an indication of the power level via LED scale: Good, Pass, or Fail in colored lights of green, yellow and red. Capacity: 2kg (an average household’s annual usage).Dimensions: Diameter 128mm x Height 228mm.High quality microchip controls ensure long & reliable use. Robust design and quality manufacture to ISO9001, CE & RoHS. Impact-resistant injection molded ABS and Polypropylene. The ECO Battery Bin shows how much life your batteries still contain, and keeps the dead ones safely together until they can be recycled, promoting higher recycling rates and preventing good batteries from being tossed away in the trash. In the US and Canada, battery recycling efforts are improving but there is still a long way to go. ECO Battery Bin is a global product that will help all countries make more efficient use of batteries and at the same time ensure they go only for approved recycling rather than creating long-term contamination in landfill sites. Includes 1 Alkaline Battery. Safety note: Always tape the ends of exhausted batteries before storage or disposal. Battery terminal ends should not touch even if the battery is mostly exhausted.

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